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Welcome back to Game Spook!, IGN's yearly Halloween-themed video game podcast. This year we're talking Luigi's Mansion, Halloween events in service games like Apex Legends, GHOST Recon Breakpoint, next-gen consoles, and so much more.

The song at the end of this episode is called "Beware the Daemon." Spooky!

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The Outer Worlds, Fallout 76, The Last of Us Part 2 and more big game delays, Nintendo Switch Lite, and more.

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The new Game Boy, Google Stadia's missing launch lineup, BioShock, consoles we regret buying, and more.

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PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlet, Doom Eternal, and more.

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Link's Awakening and other remakes, Switch games for a grandma gamer, a Capcom controversy, and more.

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